Tunnel Vision

The other end of my tunnel. The tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect my home with the location of my choice. Where would my other end of the tunnel be?

I have two houses, two places I call home. The first house is near my work, the other house is near my husband’s work and there is eight hours of travel between them. I’d love to have a tunnel between my two homes. This would give me the possibility to work in one location and live with my husband as well. That would be perfect.

There are other possible ends of my tunnel. I would like to have a tunnel to all my favourite places: a network of tunnels. One to bring me to the streets of Marrakech – to eat lovely Moroccon food and listen to Arabic music in the courtyard of a wonderful old house in the medina. Another one to take me to the busy streets of Cairo – the people, the shops, the old and the new, the memories of forgotten times and the exciting anticipation of a new future for Egypt. But I would also like a tunnel to a remote and quiet place, like the Shetland Islands or Scandinavia. I’ve never been there, but I think I would like the calmness and remoteness of a place like that. Endless views of the sea, beautiful shores and empty landscapes.

As I was reflecting on this tunnel idea, I realised that a tunnel is not always a good thing. There are many places I would love to visit, but getting there is part of the fun. The journey, the things you see, encounter and experience during your trip are just as important. Although I sometimes wish I could work and live in the same country, I have grown to like the trip as well. I use the time to catch up on my reading, I relax and I sometimes meet new people and have interesting conversations with strangers. All this traveling is not so bad, after all.


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