No Coffee, No Glory

coffeebeansToday’s Daily Prompt: Pick Your Potion. Coffee, definitely coffee. Not very original, but coffee is definitely my signature drink.

I started drinking it as a teenager, with milk and sugar. It made sense to drink coffee, as my mum used to be a nurse and drank a lot of coffee. Nurses in my country (elsewhere too?) are known for their coffee addictions . My dad used to explained to us that this was the reason why she drank so much coffee. Now that I’m much older (and wiser (?)), I think there may be some genetics involved as well…

Although using milk and sugar at first, by the age of eighteen, I decided I needed to drink black coffee when I had to study for my exams. I drink my coffee without milk and suger ever since. And I drink a lot. I exceed recommended daily doses frequently . It’s the first drink of my day and I  drink it all day. It activates me in the morning, it activates my after lunch and I even like it in the evening. I’ve never felt I couldn’t sleep due to drinking coffee after eight o’clock.

I fell off the wagon once. I spent some time in Africa and hadn’t had a proper brew for months. Back in Europe I started to tremble and feel shaky around three in the afternoon. It took me a few weeks and a visit to the GP to realise I hadn’t (re-)adjusted to drinking large amounts of coffee yet. Luckily, it didn’t take me much longer to get used to my coffee intake and I’m back on track now, having 5 to 8 cups a day.

No milk and no sugar for me. I may have a cappuccino in the morning, when I feel a bit under the weather, but the rest of the day is reserved for black coffee. Espresso’s, double espresso’s or strong americano’s. I like my potion pure.


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