The Little Girl and the Robot

And now for something completely different: instead of simply answering today’s daily prompt, I will try something new. Today I am posting a short story that’s a bit like a fairytale. I hope you enjoy! 

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a little girl lived in a big house. The girl had a beautiful mum and a generous dad and a funny brother, whom she all loved very much. There was one thing that the girl was not so happy about. The thing she didn’t like was doing chores around the house. She hated to make her bed, fold her clothes, tidy her room and help her mother do the dishes.

But one day, she thought of something that would make her live so much more fun. She would ask a robot for her birthday. A robot that would do the all the awful tasks that her mother asked her to do. So when her birthday came up, she was very excited about the presents. Not only did she get a wonderful book and a new dress, but there was also a robot. Quite like she asked: a robot that would do her chores.

Early the next morning, after the little girl woke up, the robot started to make her bed. And the robot did it even more neatly than she ever could. After breakfast, the robot helped her mother do the dishes while the little girl and her brother went off to school. The robot was not allowed to come to school, but when the little girl returned to home in the afternoon, the robot had tidied her room. Everything was cleared away and he had put all the toys in the coloured boxes in which she kept them. The little girl was very happy with her new robot. No chores to do and now she could read all afternoon in her new book.

But after a few weeks, the little girl was not so happy anymore. She missed her mum. Before the robot, they would talk and make fun together after every breakfast or dinner when washing-up. Now she hardly talked to her mum anymore. And her mum used to tell the little girl how proud she was that she had tidied her room and made her bed. But she did not tidy her room anymore and she did not make her bed herself. The little girl grew more and more sad.

That’s why, the next day, she decided to give the robot to her mum. Her mum was a very busy mum. She worked and took care of the house and helped the little girl and her brother. The little girl thought the robot would be much more help to her mum. And from that day, the robot washed the dishes and the little girl and her funny brother played with their mum in the garden, every evening after dinner.

And they lived happily ever after…



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