August Blues? September Blues!

End of summer, a new year at school. Anticipation. No August Blues. I didn’t have them. I liked the summers and they mostly felt too short. There was so much to do! I used to work during my holidays, from a rather young age, but I learned a lot. We went on a family holiday for two or three weeks and I had extra English classes during my teenage years and I enjoyed sporting events and sleeping over at friends’ places. A lot to do. 

But I always looked forward going back to school. I loved to see my friends again, but my enthusiasm was mostly fuelled by an expectation that this year would be better. It would be more interesting than last year, I would have new things to learn, new fascinating subjects and this year I would keep track of my homework and be very structured about it from the start. I wouldn’t get behind and have to learn for the exams at last minute. No, this year I would make a plan and stick to it. But that would be easy, because this year the subjects would be much more interesting.

And then we’d been to school for a few weeks. And it turned September, and by that time I was disappointed. The subjects weren’t as interesting as I thought, and the homework was stupid. And I liked doing other stuff much more than sticking to my plan of studying -way- in advance for my tests… It would be just another school year, scoring 6 to 7 out of 10, just passing my exams, but learning much about life outside school! And in August the anticipation and enthusiasm to start a new year would return. But August Anticipation would probably turn into September Blues this year as well.


4 thoughts on “August Blues? September Blues!

  1. For me it was similar — and I think for most students it’s like this. I watched my students every semester; the first three weeks of school were going to change their lives and then? It was just school, after all.

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