The Birds

Today’s Daily Prompt: In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

That’s a difficult question. I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon (on and off) and as I mostly try to be moderate in my opinions and usually think of pro’s and con’s, I applied this to the question as well. That doesn’t help of course. The ‘assignment’ is to be inspired by the daily prompt, not to let yourself be consumed by thoughts about your best answer to the question. 

But still, I’d like to answer the question. Luckily I love my current job and I wish very much that I can continue to do this for the foreseeable future. I work in an organisation that let’s you change your position every few years. It doesn’t get boring, plenty of opportunity to grow and to try different career paths. I am very happy about this policy, but do realise that some people like to be in a job that doesn’t change as much. And that’s allright too. 

Despite this introduction, my nightmare job isn’t a job that remains the same year after year, without opportunity to grow. No, my nightmare job would be something that I’d really hate doing and something I genuinely dislike. And I don’t like chickens. I am not particularly fond of any birds for that matter. I would be horrified if I had a job in which I had to touch birds, like a pigeon-fancier, owner of a chicken farm or a butcher or factory worker that has to pull the feathers from the birds. That would be my worst nightmare. 

Today, no deep philosophical thoughts for me. My nightmare job would be to wake up between the birds.


(I may have seen that Hitchcock film one too many times…)




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