Dream Reader: Ready, Set, Done!

Combining today’s Daily Prompt with the Blogging 101 assignment: a bit difficult, but let’s just try. I cannot promise I won’t edit my post after the ten minutes are gone, but let’s see where this takes me. 

Dear Dream Reader,

I very much would like you to be proud of what I write, of how creative I am and skilful etcetera. But I just realised that you probably won’t be able to understand what I write, since your English isn’t that good. Let’s not fuzz about details. Let’s just write: I chose an easy dream reader. She knows me and understands me. She is proud of me and admires the things I do and hardly ever criticises me. In the past, I did feel that she was disapproving of the things I did, but I think she now feels I turned out quite alright. I am a bit like her. We share a certain type of insecurity. Insecure and lacking confidence, but trying the difficult things anyway. A bit scared to dive from the high board, but doing it anyway. And we’re mostly successful and if not, we learned a lot and take a positive outlook to the way ahead.

It’s odd, to write about us like that. We’re quite different and chose different paths in life but there are a lot of similarities as well. And feeling the urge to keep writing  (given the assignment), I’ve written down these things, putting my thoughts on paper without censuring, and thereby realising that I like who she is and I like the parts of me that are like her. I hope she’ll be around for many more years to come!

I love you, mam.


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