Ready, Set, Done – Hajj

Hmmmm, the Daily Prompt gave us another free-write assignment today. What shall I write about today? And will I edit it at the end? Don’t know yet, and will just begin to write.

I was at the airport today. I was very early and wandered along the shops a bit. Then I saw this large group of people. Some of the men and women were dressed in all (off) whites and I realised these were people returning from Hajj. It was great to see all the families waiting for their loved ones waiting for the – mostly elder – family members who returned home, hugging their brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren. At the arrival gate of an average flight, there is usually just a small crowd of friends and family to welcome the travelers. At this gate, the crowd was huge. And right so, because these people made a spectacular trip, the trip they longed to make for most of their lives. And now they did, and they probably missed their family, and their families missed them, but they have learned about their religion and renewed their beliefs and this has earned them respect and they will be called HaHajj Caravan Saoudi-Arabiajj or Hajja from now on.

Disclaimer: I didn’t edit, but found a picture to go with it. I like this subject very much and would like to write more  about it in different type of posts. For now, just a (short) daily prompt (and not my best…) .


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Done – Hajj

  1. I went on Hajj, video Hajj, with a friend from Afghanistan who’d done it the year before, bought a video and invited me for dinner and the vicarious experience.

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    • I love the idea! To experience the Hajj through a video with the comments of a friend who’s actually been. I went to the exhibition on Hajj in the British Museum. It was very interesting!

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