Unequal Terms

Today is Blog Action Day and this year it is about inequality. Inequality is a big issue. All over the world, people are not treated equal, just because of their faith, the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation or their descent. I know it is (unacceptable) reality, but I still can’t understand why we would judge our neighbours by their ethnicity or how they were born.

HeForSheCI know inequality is everywhere, but I must say that I feel most strongly about gender inequality. There are still so many people with amazingly old-fashioned or even archaic ideas about women. Fortunately, a lot of great worldwide initiatives try to address the issue, such as the HeForShe Campaign as well as Malala receiving the Nobel Prize this year.

Closer at home, I am sometimes most amazed about how women are treated in these so-called modern West European countries. My husband works in a male-dominated organization and everybody there just assumes that I do not have a job. They organize all spouse activities during working hours, which I can never attend, and there are even allowances based on the assumption that the partner does not have a job. But maybe I am the odd one out and are both the organization and most members a bit old-fashioned. Because the other spouses can attend these meetings, can’t they?  But still. It is 2014, people!

Anyway, my annoyances are nothing in the greater scheme of things. Let’s encourage all our male family members, colleagues and friends to take action at HeForShe.org.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Unequal Terms

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