A New Town


Photo Prompt – Friday Fictioneers

Dad drives our camper. He’s looking for a place to park. I hope we’ll stay near the pond. I can watch the birds after dinner. I like birds. Sometimes I wish I were a bird, that I could fly anywhere I wanted, stay wherever I liked. Not this, always traveling.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make friends? I like my brother, but he is so small. And mom and dad are always discussing grown-up things I shouldn’t hear. But I know they are afraid, afraid they will find us. And that’s why we move, every day, to another home.

I ‘found’ this story by typing away for ten minutes: the Ready, Set, Done-assignment of today’s Daily Prompt. The editing took much longer than that…


12 thoughts on “A New Town

    • Thank you! I’m wondering too. 🙂 I like this very much when writing flash-fiction: you don’t need to know all the answers, but can write about a feeling without needing to explain where it comes from.


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