Second Hand Story – Latin Lover

Last week I heard a story about an Italian man. This latin lover is pursuing women in an expat community. He’s smooth: when dropping his children at school in the morning, he makes contact with the stay-at-home-mums in the playground. He starts chatting them up and, so far, there are at least two victims.

One of the women realised she wanted to end the affair and got back together with her husband. The other woman is still dreaming of a future with her latin lover. He will probably never leave his wife though; they seem to be in an ‘open marriage’.

I don’t know why this story kept going through my mind all week. I am appalled by the impudence of this guy. It feels a bit like he is preying on women at a vulnerable point in their lives. But I also wonder why these women risk so much: their marriages, their family life and possibly their children’s well-being. They risk it for a man who won’t commit himself to them; he will probably be a latin lover (of the unfaithful kind) for the rest of his life.

I know I am judging without knowing all the facts. I probably shouldn’t, but I am trying to make sense of this. I do understand that when you’re in an unhappy marriage, this sort of affair may feel like a great adventure, making you feel alive again. But isn’t it a bit too much to leave your husband and family for a fling? Don’t let being in love blind you. Get to your senses and hurry back to what you have and hold dear. The grass isn’t always greener at the other side of the fence.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Second-Hand Stories – What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all. 


4 thoughts on “Second Hand Story – Latin Lover

  1. i understand your judgements. but marriage does not always equal to love.
    only last night i watched a movie “Closed Circuits”, a story of Jung, Freud and one of their patients. a deep reflection of love in (not so) uncommon circumstances. difficult circumstances. i wish everybody to experience “their love”.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. I hope everybody finds his or her own way to feel love in whatever form they benefit from most. It’s just that I’m a bit amazed by people making life changing decisions while they still float on clouds of blind romantic love. But I shouldn’t judge.
      The movie sounds interesting, will look it up!

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      • No, you’re really wise. There’s nothing blinder than infatuation.

        But some of us fall into those situations unaware that a voice inside is trying to tell us that maybe we should not have gotten into a marriage in the first place and we need to seriously re-evaluate our choices (that would have been me back in the day…).

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      • Thanks for sharing your story. I may sound wise, but I do realise it’s easy to say, standing at the side line. I realise people end up in bad situations for all sort of reasons. And I think it’s really brave when you manage to get out of it and start again.

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