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Endeavour is about a serious attempt. A serious attempt to improve oneself. Or a serious attempt to achieve something. But it’s also a try out. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. It’s an attempt. Both serious and open-ended. And that’s what this blog is to me: a journey to discover what I most like to write about and how I want to express myself. I don’t know where this journey will take me. But that is not important, because it’s all about the journey, not the destination, isn’t it?

About me

It’s difficult to write a concise paragraph about myself. For now, this is a word cloud with the key words that describe me and some of my interests:



12 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the creative word cloud. I’d like to suggest that you do more with it…add to it, keep up the interesting color scheme. May I suggest beginning your paragraph with the sentence, “Endeavor is about a serious attempt.” To my mind, this encapsulates the spirit of your blog as I understand so far. It also puts me in a different frame of mind than the sentences:

    “I tried the adjectives that describe me best. I tried my interests: too many, too varied. I tried my purpose with this blog: too unclear.”

    Those sentences, if I may say, sound weak and defeated. Frankly, I’m not convinced I want to explore the blog after that introduction. But: “Endeavor is about a serious attempt” makes me think of climbing Mt. Everest, right? I know you are going to try your best to write something for me to read. THAT inspires me to read and comment much more than your earlier sentences. Please forgive me if that sounded rude, just giving constructive feedback as best I can.


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    • Hi Marije, thank you very much for nominating me for the ‘One Lovely Blog’-award. I choose to run an award-free blog though. Hence I won’t accept the award, but do appreciate your nomination very much! X Alex


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